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Slika logotipa   Boiler of 80L
  • Slika logotipa   Boiler of 100L
  • Slika logotipa   Boiler of 120L
  • Slika logotipa   Boiler of 150L
  • Slika logotipa   Boiler of 200L
  • Slika logotipa   Boiler of 300L
  • Slika logotipa   Boiler of 400L
  • Slika logotipa   Boiler of 500L i veći
  • Slika logotipa   Small boiler
  • Slika logotipa   Reparation of your old boilers


    We would like to present only some of the most important features of our casinos. The boilers are made of pure copper electrolyte 99.9%.
    The basic rule is that everything is done by hand and every part is shackles, thus it gains significantly on the structure and quality of copper and therefore the entire boiler.
    It has a significantly longer life span and is much more resilient to all the impacts that a boiler is exposed to during its lifetime, the best thing about it is the guarantee for our perennial boilers.
    Our boilers are shallow and wide in diameter, which enables faster operation and less heating consumption. The bottom is slightly convex and, of course, framed, threaded on it is a page that is conical in shape and to which a drain (hook) is connected, so there is no need to roll over.

    A pear-shaped lid is attached to the upper part (the upper part). The lid is the most striking part on the cauldron (the mirror of the cauldron). The device is cylindrical in shape and is characterized by exceptional cooling quality.
    Breathing on the oil and the discharge is tight, the caps are covered with an acid resistant rubber (and the ball can be a valve for the discharge), while the lid is tightened and there is no need for lubrication.
    The steam pipe or pipe is breathing with the holsters or on demand on water or lubrication. The stove and the plate are made of 2mm sheet metal, while the plate can also be made of stainless steel or galvanized sheet upon customer request. Turning the mixer is manually by means of a turret or an electric motor.

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