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Boiler shop Bilanovic


Boiler for brandy top quality.
Our hundred years of experience rank us among the best boiler shops.

Boiler shop Bilanovic


Boiler for brandy of 80l, 100l, 120l, 150l, 200, 300l and 500 liters or more
production of new and repairs of your boilers

Boiler shop Bilanovic


Bastovanska 46, 11420 Smederevska Palanka
Email address:, Web:

Boiler shop Bilanovic


Bastovanska 46, 11420 Smederevska Palanka
Email address:, Web:

Boiler shop Bilanovic

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We want to first thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

With this web site we want to present our services and boiler room Bialnovic.

As far back as 1923, the boiler shop Bialnovic started operating in Puracic near Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The founder of the shop was Anđelko Bialnovic who had 11 employees in his shop, which was amazing at the time. He was the father of five children, four of whom are sons and one daughter.
He transferred his craft and mastery to his two sons, Momir (master Mićo) and Relja, who continued to run the shop after his death,
at that time the shop was called the BILANOVIC BROTHERS. That was until 1992, when, due to the war, Momir moved with his family to Serbia,

where he continued to make boilers without any tools.
Over time, he succeeded with the help of good men and blacksmiths to make tools, which are 4 hammers, a goat and a mushroom on which to tie the lid, pages...
During this period, he slowly passed on his craft to his grandson Andjelko, who continued to run the shop and produce brandy boilers that had already conquered the market with his quality and tradition.
Today, the shop is located in Smederevska Palanka and, if necessary, goes to Bosnia to Puracic for the needs of people from the area. Even today, the quality of workmanship and service has remained, so that everything is still done exactly with the now famous 4 hammers and strong will.
A special quality in addition to the handiwork is the far-famed pear shape, which is the pear shape by which our products are recognized.

You can get all the information by visiting us at address Bastovanska 46 Smederevska Palanka or contact us by phone number +381 (0) 66 252 604 i .
You can also contact us via the contact form found on the site in the contacts section.

Your boiler shop Bilanovic



+381 (0) 66 252 604,


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The Boiler Craft of the Bilanovic Family

Maker boiler with Bascarsija

In the workshop Bilanovic In addition to boilers, the workshop also included Bosnian dishes, coffee pots, and everything that was done at the time in Bascarsija.
According to the owner of the workshop today, seventy-nine-year-old Momir Mico Bilanovic, the Kazan craft began to be practiced at the age of twelve at his father's shop.

In the summer of 1923, the Bialnovic family immigrated to Puracic from Bugojno. Puracic was then a developed bazaar in which there were a dozen crafts, so that the Bilanovic could easily fit into the ambience by starting a boiler craft.
A workshop for machine boilers was soon opened, and the services of this workshop, especially the making of brandy boilers, were used by the villagers of the surrounding villages, primarily serbs, since the production of brandy was peculiar to them.
At the time, my father worked with 11 workers, five of whom had mastered the craft in Baščaršija, and they worked well in this workshop and made a living, said Bialnovic.



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